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Nikon, Canon, Sony and Pentax offers Wi-Fi Digital SLR Camera from their mid-top level range of DSLR Camera. Although my favorite thus far is the Nikon D5500. This Wi-Fi DSLR camera is an impressive change over from the past top choice, the Nikon D5300. It specifically competes with the Canon EOS Rebel T6. I purchased the D5500 with the 18-55mm G VR DX II Zoom Lens kit Bundle. This camera incorporates various buttons controlling different parts of your photography session. It is has just about everything for you shoot, like 24.2MP resolution, CMOS sensor (APS-C DX) with 3.2 inch touchscreen display, WiFi connectivity, 24.2 million effective pixels, Eye-level pentamirror viewfinder, Quick return reflex mirror and many more features I think you’ll like.


It comes with one of the best assemble bundle kit I’ve seen in a while from Nikon. This kit has been suggested by the top photography experts; couldn’t ask for more. It is tiny, however, it feels so good in your hands and allows me to shoot effortlessly. I actually do not like a bulky camera as they annoy me a lot in outdoor situations, especially when you have a lot of stuff to carry. It makes it really difficult to carry them all at the same time. Thus, it is light weight and perfect for me. The touchscreen as well as the WiFi connectivity, are great features that are included in the D5500.

18-55mm G VR DX II Zoom Lens

It is a versatile, lighter, and smaller lens; a treat for people who love ultra compact lenses. For me, it is great for any situation; tight close up shots wide group shots, street photography, macro, any everything else. I consider it as a great lens as it takes sharper images and great HD videos.

Nikon 55-300mm VR DX AF-S Lens

This is an awesome inclusion; the colors are rendered precisely and what to say about the contract; fabulous. Every single detail captured through this lens amazes me. It is included in this kit to make an awesome deal for the photography lovers.

Other Lenses

You may also want to look into these lenses and accessories if you’re so inclined to or if you’re just getting the Body these lenses will come in handy also: 18-140mm VR DX AF-S Lens (Red or black ) with 64GB or 32GB Card + Case + Backpack+ Battery & Charger + Flash + Tripod + Filters + Kit + Wide/Tele Lens Kit or the 18-55mm G VR DX (Black) with 55-300mm VR Lens, 70-300mm VR, 35mm f/1.8 Lens, 18-200mm VR II Lens or the 55-200mm

Other Accessories

The whole kit includes 15 products and we still haven’t discussed about 12 of them. “That AIN’T cool!” Well, most of us hate to read long reviews “hey man just get to the point”. This is why, I am concluding the rest of the accessories in this short note. All the remaining items are basically camera essentials like high speed memory card, spare battery, charger, HDMI to Mini HDMI converters, case, and more. Nevertheless, there is a PD backpack to keep all these accessories as well as the essentials in a single bag. It is a sturdy and reliable backpack. Sort of altruistic effort from the seller’s side due to the affordability.


Bottom Line

To conclude, the Nikon D5500 Wi-Fi Digital SLR camera bundle is a perfect kit for those who are looking to take wonderful photos like the pros do. Whether you’re into taking landscaping photos, wedding, wild life or any type of events. I think this camera will fit your needs.

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