Nikon D5500 Wi-Fi Digital SLR Camera & 18-140mm VR DX AF-S (Black) with 70-300mm VR Lens + 64GB Card + Case + Battery & Charger + Flash + Tripod + Kit
December 29, 2016  |  Nikon Wi-Fi

I love street photography because it allows me to explore different views, people, and expressions with surprising outputs. I know a lot of people don’t even consider it as a type of photography, but let me tell you one thing that street photography is not an easy subject. Try it! Let’s get to the point now. I was looking for a good Digtal SLR camera for my favorite “street photography”. After exploring different cameras I shortlisted the Nikon D5500 Wi-Fi Digital SLR Camera and the Nikon D7200. One of my friends told me to select the D7200 as the D5500 is only for amateurs. Nevertheless, I couldn’t agree with that statement since it is an amazing camera that is light in weight, compact in size, and that incorporates tons of features. Yes, it can be an ideal camera for entry level photographs, but it is certainly not restricted to any particular level of photographers. With weather sealing, endless functions, and the amazing lens & accessory kit, why would I ignore this camera? Within three hours of purchase I clicked over 700 pictures and there is still juice left for more photographs; clearly indicating great battery life. According to me, it is a great camera for RAW street photography as well as for the amateur photographers. If you already own a high end professional camera, it can be your backup camera.

18-140mm VR DX AF-S lens

We discussed and talked a lot about the camera body; however, a camera is not camera without lens. Stating the capabilities of a camera without lens, is an injustice to the camera. The D5500 along with the 18-140mm VR DX AF-S lens, is an awesome product. I stated in the middle of the above paragraph that this camera is ideal for street photography; actually, it is the pinnacle of the art with this lens.

Nikon 70-300mm G VR AF-S

There are many D5500 bundled packages available online, but this one is the most powerful of them due to this particular lens. The Nikon 70-300mm G VR AF-S alone is more than $500; quite on the expensive side. This, along with the 18-140mm lens is bundled with the D5500 to make a super professional set ideal for experts and novices too.

Bottom Line

The Nikon D5500 Wi-Fi DSLR Camera bundle contains a whole bunch of accessories that you may not get ordinarily when ordering a bundle. There are a total number of 16 products included in this package and all of them are brand new products; no black market and no swindling, only genuine products.

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