Nikon D7200 Wi-Fi Digital SLR Camera Body with 55-200mm VR II Lens + 64GB Card + Case + Flash + Battery/Charger + Tripod + Kit
December 29, 2016  |  Nikon Wi-Fi

The Nikon D7200 wi-fi digital slr camera body is the most sophisticated Digital SLR camera in DX lineup. Obviously, like other DSLR cameras it has some pros and cons, but the whole camera is advantageous and the cons can be easily ignored. The Nikon D7200 is incorporated with 51 point Auto Focus System, and it is included with dual SD memory card slots. It has excellent control scheme and Pentraprism viewfinder. I know some of the things are complex for a few novices, but you can easily search about the terms to get an idea. Some simple and easy to recognize pros includes 13x Crop mode, battery grip, quick turning on time, crisper and sharper LCD, high ISO, OLPF, in camera WiFi and NFC, as well as a sturdy video feature set. In short, it is an amazing Digital SLR camera. Let’s get to know about the cons; I think 6FPS burst rate is a bit slow and Fixed LCD. Do these cons matter? It is about personal preferences; to me, they don’t, nonetheless, to some, they do. So what about you? It is an awesome and cost effective DSLR camera bundled with loads of accessories.

Nikon 55-200mm VR II AF-S Lens

This lens is a compact telephoto zoom which is amazing for travel, people, and action shoots. It is optimized for DX DSLR cameras and this is why it is included in this kit. It is the most preferable lens purchased with the D7200  by people. Why? Because it is a retractable, lightweight, and small lens which most of the people prefer ideal for travel or outdoor photography. The AF-S 55-200mm VR II is not an ordinary lens, it pushes the DX line up cameras to peak performance. The SIC feature in this lens allows better color quality and the ED helps eradicate optical distortion. Therefore, it is the most ideal lens for Nikon D7200.

PD 58″ Tripod

Do you think a tripod is important? Yes, it is, but it is not a required if you are not interested in sunset shoots and nighttime shots. If you don’t want to be flexible or if you don’t like taking close ups, then also a tripod is not needed. If you are not interested in sport photography, and don’t want to get into action shots, then a tripod is not necessary at all. Now you know how I played the game with wit and a bit of sarcasm. A tripod is crucial and it is a necessity too. You will get genuine PD 58″ Tripod in this bundle set. Over all I think the Nikon D7200 wi-fi DSLR camera bundle is a good start for you to start your photography ventures.

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